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Googe is a sexual act originating in the Amazon rainforest. It is where the man wraps his legs around a womans face and googe's like a bad badger. It is now used as an exclamation of hornyness or used as a term instead of fuck, or also can be used as an expression deep hatred. Eg, I fucking want to googe ya mam
I want to googe you long time *russian Accent*
by googey maroo July 04, 2006
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(v) (gOO'g-ey)

Dirty South's version of Googling. The eh sound at the end makes it much easier to rhyme with and very convenient for updated "Back that Thang Up" remixes.
You'se know you luvs gravy, yeah,
Better Goog'e
Find out those ingredients, yeah,
recipes, yeah
by Homerspy December 06, 2007
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A nickname for a person with the last name Gougeon.
Hey Googe, what going on?
by Christian Goo August 14, 2016
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A word that essentially has any meaning that you want for it; ranging from silly, crazy, hilarious, dumbass, etc.
Wow, that chick is exhibiting googe-like qualities. (about someone calling Africa a country)

What a googe! (someone walks into a door)
by yougooge!! January 26, 2010
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The sexual stimulation of one's own genitals for sexual arousal or other sexual pleasure, usually to the point of orgasm. Another word could be masturbation or cumming or jizzing or ejaculating.
Get out, mom, I'm gonna googe it!
by thicce April 10, 2017
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