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goog an ecstacy pill. a pill which includes ingredients such as MDMA,PDMA,K etc.
lets go out tonight. robbie's got heaps of googs.
by Robbie f March 22, 2006
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Noun: an ecstasy pill, or Verb: to goog; to be under the influence of ecstasy
See also googing, googer
Hey man you're eyes are huge, you googing hard yeah? OR: I got 10 googs in the pocket, this is going to be one silly night!
by Desmond McRussian April 27, 2007
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An egg. Also 'googy-egg'
I'm eating a goog.
by Christop November 12, 2003
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the "twitch" or "jump" of an extremely hard dick.
"He was so into it. He googed when I took off my bra." or "It was googing and all I did was look at it!"
by Elerrina Rose November 05, 2007
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