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-Proper Noun

The birth defect/deformity that creates either over-sized eyeballs or under-sized eye sockets.

With no current options for surgery to correct this unfortunate condition, all the subject can do is try to make their hideously bulbous eyes appear less offensive to the general public.

Remedies include growing a long fringe, wearing big sunglasses, sporting a large beard, and simply trying to stay away from situations that attract attention to the 'googlie' area.

"Why don't you wear your aviators any more, Andrew?"
"They keep falling of on account of my Googs."
"Bah-hah! Googs!"
by Gasch Harbl September 23, 2007
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1. Latin term from which the contemporary, and quite hilarious, word "cunt" is derived
2. The majority of my friends
3. Me
4. Probably you
"Hey Jack, did you see that dude's cunnis?"
"What the fuck are you talking about, you butt rash?"
"Hey, fuck you!"
"Yeah, whatever."
by Gasch Harbl November 17, 2007
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