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A googan is the person wearing saltlife or any other trendy sports clothing that is completely clueless in the ways of fishing. They will use tactics that are completely backwards. The googan will come to the pier and use bobbers and a weight. A googan will post fish on social media and claim a size that is beyond a hyperbole. A googan will overreact when catching any sized fish, ever!!

You know you've got a googan on your hands when they say "the other day," "last time," or "my friend" kinda of tales.

Googans will ruin a fishing spot faster than morons with a cast net. You know a googan was around when you reel in your line and snag 10' or more line with a lure on it and the worst knot you've ever seen. Googans will have too many company stickers on their cars. Googans will take excessive amount of pictures of their fish. If 1 or more of these examples describes you, YOU'RE A FUCKING GOOGAN!!!!
Why is all this fishing line in the water?

Ah, those damn googans must have been here!
by Simpnasty April 16, 2017
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A fishing (not sexual) term for lowlife, shore(bank) fishermen who baitfish typically without a license, regard to regulations, and etiquette towards other people, especially other fishermen following the rules.
Damn, I couldn't find a spot at the river yesterday. It was totally full of googans hogging up the place, dropping f-bombs, and snagging fish.
by throwinmetal April 25, 2008
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A googan is an offshore fishermen who constantly loses fish that the average fishermen would catch. 'Googans' tend to 'set the hook' when using circle hooks. A googan would not survive if stranded on a desert island with all the fishing tackle in the world, because a googan does not know how to tie the simplest of fishing knots.
Jim Warstler is a googan.
by John VanLith August 03, 2008
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A noun referring to lowest conceivable form of fireman known to man. These individuals fancy themselves hobbyists and weekenders. They are totally delusional and believe their mere presence at emergency scene makes up for their complete and utter lack of knowledge, skills, and ability.

Many googans are non-verbal and suffer from diarrhea of the addition to the bowel sounds emanating from their fat gullets, they are susceptible to other medical conditions such as morbid obesity, chronic gonging, tom-volera, punch me face, fatman walk, stomach ass, and involuntary spooging.

Googans are known to pose an immediate threat to those around them. They can be identified by excessive helmet decorating and unkempt facial hair...particularly in the area of the mustache. They travel in packs and hide together when they are stricken with fear or called upon by those in authority. Luckily for other firemen, there poor health and simple mindedness causes them to tire easily and quit often...which makes them more of a trip hazard than anything else.

If you spot a googan you should observe from a distance, as they are likely failing to do something you'll have to do later. Do not engage them without an exit strategy...their rhetoric, like bovine excrement, can be poisonous.

See also- googery, googonics, the googonic plague, googs, googing out, unpaid professional, vol, vol bag, volunteer fireman
These googans burned the joint slam up.
by Okayfrank February 27, 2015
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A rogue fisherman that has no consideration for others fishing. Generally anchors to close to other boats.
Those inconsiderate Googans set their anchor to close to us.
by Freddy Fourschin May 23, 2018
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An Internet term for lowlife webmaster who posts ads and web pages typically with no meaningful content, no regard for adwords copywriting, or consideration for other people, especially those who click on promising-looking links.
"I couldn't find any argyle socks yesterday, the search results were totally full of spam web pages hogging up the place, dropping spyware and Googans snagging people with pop-up ads."
by Perry Marshall February 03, 2009
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An individual or couple who search the internet for the best travel deals and take many vacations.
The Googan was online for hours tryin to find the best deal for their vacation.
by mr and mrs Googan January 11, 2010
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