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Depending on personal preference, it is either an expression of joy, happiness or delight or an expression of sarcasm in response to a small gain/reward etc.

"You got an A+ on your maths test!"
"Goody gumdrops!"


"For finding the cure for cancer, we give you this small keychain."
"Oh, Goody gumdrops"
by Lauren_ November 24, 2007
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Famous quote from "Brick Top", the most badass character in Snatch. Used to express joy or excitement but usually in a sarcastic manner.
Errol: I think we're in, guv'nor
Brick Top: Goody Gumdrops. Get us a cup o' tea, would you, Errol?
by guvnabricktop March 15, 2011
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A sarcastic usage of which expresses happiness or pleasure.
"I'm going to give you $1,000"
"Goody gumdrops"
by john February 25, 2004
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