Being the best at dealing with Orders and provisions, be it classic or WLR3 - the don of 150!
How did he sort that order out, must have done a goodchild!
by dave dunlop August 28, 2008
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To Goodchild (noun or verb) infers the act of being a complete d-bag in whichever way is appropriate. The most common acts of Goodchild'ing include bailing on his "friends" and choosing to eat butter in his spare time.
Jon: "Did you hear about Manny? He pulled a Goodchild and decided to eat pizza instead of working out!"
by 'Big Poppa' May 10, 2017
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Someone who you must protect. They are a good friend, never leave this person. Show lots of love and affection when with this person!
Random Person: Why do you like Coen Goodchild?
Y/N: He's a good friend! You expect me to not like him? I love him :)
by Rengoku Hashira May 28, 2021
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very tall boy, really gay tho. has a big boner for Lucy and plays with his sister
Lachlan: who that tall Mong over there

ari: oh thats Gabe goodchild, fun fact he's gay
by man of water 123 September 5, 2019
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