A "good cunt" is a good person, top bloke, someone you want to be around. It's the exact opposite of a "shit cunt" (for the uneducated cunts, replace the positive adjective with shit or other derogatory type word)
That Burns cunt, he's a good cunt.
by Burnsy123 June 30, 2013
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1.Someone who is considered by his peers to be of a good nature.
2.Someone who performs a selfless act which benefits those around him
1.Twanny rooted Shady up the ass. What a good cunt.
2.Taylor: Dane bought me some beers
Antonio: Good Cunt
by Lodgy May 18, 2007
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what you call your mates when they do something good!
oi you got me a slab of beer what a good cunt
by ENAK_84 June 4, 2007
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The absolute best cunt on earth the kinda mate that would chuck you a cold in the middle of a barbecue on a hot day
Hey Dave thanks for the beer ya fuckin good cunt
by Yodas shriveled penis August 2, 2021
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One of the highest ranks given to a mate in Australian culture, if you are called this it means you’re apart of the elite group of dead set good cunts who make life’s worth living.
Oi did you see that bloke do a helping that old lady across the street, dead set good cunt.
by LynxAfrica January 17, 2018
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Something that is utterly awesome.
Ie; more dope than "fucking good".
by Generationnexus September 22, 2017
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