Someone who does nice things for other people; A person of chivalry and altruism. The opposite of an ass
Joseph is a Good Sir for treating those women like a women should be treated. Only a Good Sir would help an old person across the street
by Kevin Moseley May 14, 2008
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Good Sir is a language in which you make ordinary sentences sound smart.

You change the way you say/pronounce a word to make yourself seem smart.

Good Sir Emoji: 🧐
“don’t barge into my room
when using Good Sir would change to:
“do not bargance into my roomichure🧐”
by UrbanDictionary Faggot November 19, 2018
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defining one who will do anything for his friends..
when they see each other they say rhyme something with good sir... sometimes they use Good man
what up Good Sir, Hood Fur,
What up Good Man, Quicksand,
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Very good sir derives from the commonly spoken word of agreement used by butlers and chauffeurs.
Man: I just won $1,000 in the lottery, Chives.
Chives the Butler: Very good sir.
Man: Take me to the theatre, Charles.
Charles the Limo Driver: Very good sir
by ParadigmRemix May 2, 2010
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When one your hand is in a person anus or vagina and your other hand is caught in a bag or wrappings
Unhand me good sir, and get your other hand free.
by XKingofhearts81 January 20, 2020
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A quick and curt way to end a conversation, putting a thin polite spin on the rude abruptness.

Most uses of this phrase are referencing actor Gene Wilder's portrayal of Willy Wonka in the 1971 movie "Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory," where Wonka informs Charlie he has lost the contest because he drank the burp soda, a breach in the contract he signed. "You lose! Good day, SIR!" Wonka screams at Charlie before turning back to his desk.

Linking to an animated gif of the scene with the audio intact is a popular way to assert you are done with an argument on the internet.
by Billions June 19, 2007
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