A once awesome band that got a lot of MD high school kids through some tough times only to sell their souls to the MTV devil, thus destroying the hope they had given to so many loyal fans. Now adored by hundreds of 12 year old girls who get insanely pissy whenever someone accuses GC of selling out and yet have never heard their first album and have no idea what the band used to be.
On the east coast we ride until the day we die...dirty liars.
by NJM May 31, 2005
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Good charlotte are one of the biggest poser bands to hit mainstream and to anyone that thinks any diffrent then explain
why they've changed there genre in every single album that they make

eg; first they were pop punk
then emo pop punk
then trying to be hip hop

and im guessing that its not a coincidence that the scene went from Pop punk to emo to hip hop
all they are is genre hopping poser sellout scum
they are disgraces to music...xx
good charlotte suck ass
by Brody 3060 October 04, 2007
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Quite possibly the worst band of all time. The genre of this band is "Poser-Punk". They pretend to be punk in many different ways, such as spiking their hair to ridiculous and unnecessary heights. This band was made famous by a network known as MTV (better known as Moron Television). This band lacks something known as talent, which is usually a very important factor to a successful band, which Good Charlotte is light years away from. The singer as a very annoying, whinny, bitchy voice which makes me want to bang my head against my window over and over until the glass shatters. The guitarist is restricted as a background sound, and all the guitarist does is play a bunch of random 3 note power chords. The bass player...do they even have a bass player? I can't hear it because the power chords are so fucking loud. The drummer is off beat, he might as well grab a branch off of a tree and bang it on his head, it would most likely make the same sound as his drumming. It is painfully obvious that the main goals for the members of Good Charlotte are two things: Money and chicks. No, they don't care about making beautiful music, they just figured that if they pretend to play, and think of lame emo lyrics such as "HOOOLD ONN IFF YOUU FEEEL LIKE LETTING GO", the chicks will love them. Unfortunately, this has became true, they are loved by many preps. MTV basically played this band on their station to brainwash all the preps into listening to bad music. Oh well, there's nothing we can do.
Prep: The song "Hold on" saved my life!!@!!@!"

Someone who isn't an idiot: "Yeah, too bad it's ending ANYWAY!!"
*shoots the prep*
by Robo Robot June 05, 2005
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Good Charlotte is a fuckin pouser band they should die
pouser band that should die for reals anyone that likes them should die too
by fucker May 30, 2005
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A cancerous poser 'Punk' band that think they are as 'Hardcore' as GG Allin. While this group of poser corporate whores known as Good Charlotte are being mindless corporate slaves for the corporate filth known as MTV, GG Allin would have been self mutilating himself, exposing himself to crowd members and last but not least eating his own feces and shitting on himself.
Sheeple 1: Good Charlotte are number 1!!! Sheeple 2: Im run on hormones and have half a brain but Good Charlotte are number 1!!! Sheeple 1: Hey you over there do you agree that Good Charlotte are number 1? GG Allin: *EXPOSES HIS PECKER*
by GG ALLIN XXX November 02, 2016
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Started out as a typical pop-'punk' band, playing songs about girls and "not fitting in". Soon, however, they took a cue from MTV and mainstream society, and became the same as everyone else. You say "Don't bash them for living their dream." I'm not. I'm "bashing" (Or, as I call it, being realistic) them for completely selling out for MTV and mainstream society.
Eyeliner. Trendy clothing. Horrible, plastic, processed music.

First, Good Charlotte makes your typical pop-'punk' anthems.
Then, a diffrent style of music becomes popular, so they make that type instead.
by Hitman_0789 January 26, 2007
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Alright, I will state that I was curious about this band about four years ago. I thought to myself: "Good Charlotte can't be that bad if they have so many 'hardcore' fans that go everywhere, buy everything and speak anything that is to do with Good Charlotte." Man, was I wrong. Good Charlotte sucks. They're basically a boy band that wears black clothes and wears eyeliner. Their music sounds like sped up emo music. You could describe their music as "emo with estrogen". MTV markets them to the teenybopper crowd. How so many young, impressionable kids can get suckered hook, line, and sinker into ANY of the garbage that this pathetic excuse of a band dumps onto them is beyond me. They definitely appeal to 12 year old kids, who have such a horrible life because they can't go to the mall and buy new clothes or get a new video game.

They are a whiny band that love to sing about how "horrible" and "tragic" their life is, meanwhile they are sitting in cash in their mansions. No one cares except for their legions of self-pitying fans who feel they can truly connect with GC's "deep" and "inspiring" so-called "music". They even have whiny ballads that sound like the rest of the "pop-punk" and "emo" genres at the moment. Yeah, GC is fuelled by teen angst and armed with extremely bad talent. I'm sorry kiddies but Good Charlotte is nothing more than pop. I'm 16 & I'm already getting tired of the new music because it is getting horrible & more horrible. It's a manufactured popularity contest now. With their mediocre cliched song lyrics, Good Charlotte are 100% worshipped by their demographic, pre-teen and teenage preppy girls (and flamer guys.) This group of pop icons do nothing more than create crappy music (which is charged to audiences at well over $50 per ticket) and find themselves on MTV acting like jackasses every chance they aquire for the pleasure of their braindead viewers.

Their fanbase consists of 12 year olds that think they know all about music, therefore claim that they have the right to say that "GC" are musical gods or are the "best punk rawk band eva!111!1!", while talented bands like The Beatles and Pink Floyd to them are "old" and "horrible". These 12 year olds can usually be found online, usually on message boards, with usernames like "XxGCIsDaBestPunkBandEvarxX" and "trU3_pUnk_raWk3r"

Teenybopper talking to herself: "Oh my gaaaawd. I hate my liiiife. I can relate to these guys sooooo much because nobody listens to me and everyone hates meee"


In the end, I recommend the following punk rock albums to those who have been victimized by Good Charlotte:

Raw Power - Iggy and the Stooges
Ramones - The Ramones
London Calling - The Clash
Good Charlotte is the worst crap I've ever heard.
by SuperSonicX October 09, 2005
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