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A girl with a dual personality. One is a preppy teenage girl that needs to hit the gym. She thinks shes pretty. The other is a preppy teenage girl that thinks shes punk because she wore black pants and a red shirt on the same day, and even added a studded bracelet.
She has a clothing line, Stuff by Duff, that encourages innocent little girls to think they're punk because they bought a Stuff by Duff desk set that says "Punk Chick" on it.
Thanks, to Duff's manager, Susan Duff, we are forced to put up with the disaster. Blame her.
Girl: Hey, like, wanna go to a Hilary Duff concert??
Girl2: Yeah! Mabye my mom will take us to Target so we can waste my dads hard earned money on things that have Lizzy McGuire's face on them!!!
by KaylaBug August 13, 2005
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Of course you are paying for the label at Abercrombie & Fitch, just as you are in any other upper-middle class store. You purchase A&F clothing for the same reason you purchase Seven jeans, Juicy Tops, or a Coach handbag. I recently bought a Burberry scarf, and it cost me $220. I could of bought a similar scarf for $20, I'm sure. I bought the Burberry because the pattern is recognisable to most people, just like the embroidered moose on every A&F top. If you are willing to pay the extra dollar for a pair of jeans, knock yourself out.
The signature back pocket design on every pair of A&F jeans says I take care of myself enough to fit into these jeans, and I can afford to pay $75 dollars for them. And yes, there are A&F Jeans for the mere $75. If you aren't fortunate enough to be able to afford clothes at A&F, can't fit into them, or are rebelling against the label go cry yourself a river and get over it. As we all know, you can get the same quality shirt or jeans at Mervyns or JC Pennys. Go there and buy your clothes since its obvious you don't care about labels. For those of you who are to big to squeeze youself into a pair of jeans, roll your bodies over to the gym and stop hating A&F simply because you eat to much to shop there.

I'd like all of you to go to Nordstrom or Nieman Marcus so you can get a real choke on designer labels and how much they cost. Stop giving others crap on A&F because they enjoy dressing comfortably, fashionably, and more luxurious.
Friend: Where did you get that cute shirt?
Girl: Abercrombie & Fitch
Friend: EwW! Label Whore! We all hate you now because you bought a shirt from a store I don't shop at!!!
by KaylaBug August 13, 2005
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A band which I once suffered a horrid obsession for. Luckly now found the light, came to my senses, and now realise that they are a group of pop singers who think they are super punk and emo because they write songs about suicide and how they don't care what people think of them.
The lead singer thinks hes cool because he's dating Hilary Duff.
Poser: Hey, wanna, like, go to a Good Charlotte concert next month?
Poser 2: Yeah! And we can wear our studded bracelets and red and black pants that we bought at Hot Topic!
by KaylaBug August 13, 2005
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