A fooshy goober is a term of endearment used for an amazing friend. It’s mostly used on someone goofy, funny, and an all around great person. If you are called a fooshy goober it may sound like a mean name but trust me it means you’re goofy nice and a great person. It can also be used if someone screws up in a funny way.
Person 1: god i Love Olivia and hailey SO much they’re so goofy and nice.
Person 2: yeah, they’re such fooshy goobers!
When used as an “insult”
Person 1: crap i just called my teacher mommy!
Person 2: Hahahahah you’re such a fooshy goober!
by Gucci gang fooshy goober November 22, 2017
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Often a goober is a mixture of different breads; sometimes refured to as a “Dana”. This species is smart and cute. However, this bread is highly rare and catching one can only be optioned through the efforts of a fuck boy. Help support our cause of protecting this rare spices through donating to @dasadana.
Fuck boy #1: cricky Nick have you seen a Miss goober around

Fuckboy #2: nahhh bro I was too busy catching some other goobers
by Goober Dana October 25, 2018
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An Old Goober is a male individual who is cranky and 60 years or older. Old Fart
He is such a jerk. No worries, he can't help himself, " he's just an Old Goober"!
by Moody Mama January 01, 2016
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A group of professional young men who make very beautiful music for others. They are also very handsome.
"Aye you listen to that new PLANET GOOBER song?"
"Yuhhhhhh, it was fireeee"
by rxmen September 16, 2019
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A lively character of the Human Class that represents beliefs through vigorous latent actions to accomplish tasks most would be happy to complete in the simplest fashion. Often of the low grade Military Officer species.
Oh oh here comes Lt. Cornwall, check out all of the reflectors he has on his bike, what an uber goober.
by heepee May 25, 2008
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