Another term for an extremely gullible person, usually says really retarded stuff too, which most of the time is really embarrasing.

Sometimes also bear a moustache which is similiar to pubes.
- That guy is such a Gonde.

- I made a joke last night, saying you could fly if you flapped your arms fast enough. Shajan bloody believed it, he's really is a goddamn Gonde.
by Lancypants April 4, 2009
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synonym of the word "mamad" who does nale most of the times.
(in persian) mamad nale nakon... (or better way of saying this sentence) Gond nale nakon..
by vampire3032 April 15, 2019
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A slang and inappropriate word for a man's private parts. Has a really dirty and negative connotation.
Those shorts are so tight his whole gond hangs out.
Hey, J, nice gond!
by Peeshee Monster September 14, 2009
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To be past the point of being gone
Dude, I'm so gonded right now
by Krantzkrazy October 25, 2015
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A pejorative used by Iranian parents (specially Iranian fathers) to condescend their young sons (typically between 8 to 15 years old) that implies uselessness and lack of responsibility and mobility. It also insinuates a big physique (fat shaming of some sorts).

Even the most gallant and qualified young males are victimized in such fashion because there is no real judgment and assessment behind its utterance and merely arises when parents are frustrated and enraged due to other aspects of life which are totally irrelevant to the poor child.
In English it somewhat translates to "Big Ass Bear".
Mom: "Shall we buy Benyamin some Pofak on the way home?"
Dad: "I don't buy shit for this Kherse Gonde (Big Ass Bear). He better move out as soon or I'd beat his ass."
by BenTornado February 28, 2022
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