Very short, stumpy person. Can be scary at times, but has a good personality and attracts young fangirls
Nale, let her come to your house.
by Nales December 16, 2016
Nalee is a lovely girl who will be a best friend of yours for sure. She is a funny laugh out loud person and will always be by your side though everything
Omg Nalee is sooo kind , she took me to the movies and didn't let me pay ! She is such a good friend.
by Annibee23 February 27, 2016
Honestly one of the best power couples out there. There a super cute couple that’ll make you jealous, relationship goals for sure. There a couple that has a really kinky relationship
“Jungkook and nalee are really cute together!”
by Jennie.147 April 5, 2018
An African girl with a beautiful personality that loves dancing and spending time with friends. She is very kind and giving. And will always help others, she has three other siblings (they can be very annoying sometimes), and she likes soccer. She is short and shares a birthday with someone.
Oh it's Naleli
Great hope I can see her siblings

Yes! I wanted to see them being annoying to you
by robloxarianagrandefan October 15, 2021
A very smart loving care girl very pretty and have passion about what she does in her life
Nalee looks better then Preston
by Nfhwbdfbxhchfdbaj May 8, 2022
A very smart good looking girl very sensitive and caring but also have a bad attitude
Nalee looks better then Preston
by Nfhwbdfbxhchfdbaj May 8, 2022