Town about 1 hr away from NYC. Probably the best place on earth because of the goldens bridge colony, which has an amazing lake and camp and everything. Summers in Goldens Bridge are amazing. dont come here if you dont like woods or the outdoors or the environment. Many people spell Goldens Bridge WRONG: it is NOT....
Golden Bridge
Golden Bridges
Goldens Bridges

and there is no golden bridge.
Lets go hike in the 17 acres in the town of Goldens Bridge
by Rayfay May 25, 2009
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2 girls face eachother on their hands and knees and make out(kiss) while they each have a guy bang them doggie style.
Ashley and Sarah made out with eachother on their hands and knees while Jeff and Doug gave it to them doggie style. Hence, looking like a golden bridge.
by 18 inches August 09, 2006
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1. As seen in the Youtube video with over 40 million views called “Kids React to Gay Marriage” on the REACT channel, a child calls the bridge the golden gay bridge and we have decided this is the new name for marriage between the same gender.

2. The holiest of rainbows.
Guy One: Dude, I’m gonna do the Golden Gay Bridge.
Guy Two: About time you proposed to him!

Girl One: Look, it’s the Golden Gay Bridge.
Girl Two: Our rainbow mistletoe.
by wow hi August 24, 2018
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A glorious variant on the famed Eiffel Tower, it is a sexual act in which two girls are down on all fours, or doggy style if you prefer, and each has an end of a double-sided dildo inserted in each of their vaginas. Simultaneously, each of the girls is performing felatio on a man. The two touch hands over the girls' backs to complete the bridge.
Julia and Malen had sore vaginas and marshmallow mouth the day after forming the Golden Gate Bridge with the two homeless gentlemen they entertained last night.
by Dirty Pete March 20, 2007
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Where 2 males are standing across from each other while they have a femal suspended between them, legs wraped around one arms wraped around the other one male in her mouth other in 1 of 2 holes
i was in san fransico the other day and these 2 guys showed me the golden gate bridge ( they were huge)
by the golden brothers February 24, 2010
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Same as the Eiffel Tower sexual posistion, but instead of the two guys high fiving, they play with toy cars on her back, and with a plastic boat and shark beheath her. Best if used with honking sound effects.
We decided to kick it up a notch and give her the Golden Gate bridge instead of the Eiffel Tower
by OxySnake April 18, 2007
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A sexual position for one male and two females, in which the male lies flat while giving oral sex to one female and vaginal sex to the other, and then the two females give high fives with both hands. The female equivalent of the Eiffel Tower.
"Women think it's condescending when guys Eiffel Tower them, but I still love it when chicks give me a Golden Gate Bridge."
by E-Dubs October 25, 2006
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