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1. Golden Gaytime is an iconic ice cream that was first released in 1960s in Australia. It is a toffee and vanilla ice cream dipped in chocolate and wrapped in honeycomb biscuits, on a wooden pop-stick.

Its name has survived intact despite the possible homosexual connotations in modern decades.

The company appears to embrace the camp name by retaining the tagline from the 1980s, "It's hard to have a Gaytime on your own". In 2010, Streets launched the brand's first official website, featuring tools with humorous names like "Golden Gay Year" and "Instant Gaytimes".

2. A very happy time no homo
3. Very homosexual time
Phone Convo of lovers

GF: Hey baby, what you up to?

BF: Chilling with my homies, we’re having a golden gaytime. Pause, I mean it literally. We are eating golden gaytime ice cream and it makes us very happy.

GF: I'm going to visit my girls for a golden gaytime

BF: Wait, what kind of golden gaytime?

GF: Go figure.
by Delinger March 14, 2011
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a ice-cream bar, with vanilla ice-cream in the center, a chocolate layer and small biscuit pieces on the outside.

They are quite delicious :)
"i love those golden gaytimes!"
"me too, they are so yummy!"
by zoe =] May 29, 2008
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VERB: It's when a guy is doing his girl from behind, then taps her on the shoulder. She turns around and he blows in her face. He then grabs some broken biscuit pieces and pegs them at her cum-covered face, before leaving the room to go fuck a dude.
"I gave my girl a Golden Gaytime the other day, i don't know what the biscuit pieces were doing next to the bed. It hurts to sit down now."
by Nrg182 October 19, 2015
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When a women is riding a man cowgirl and when he is about to ejaculate she jumps off sticks a dildo in his ass and pisses in his mouth while he moans with pleasure.
Last night I was riding my man and gave that fucker the best golden gaytime he has had in his life.
by Kimbos Surprise January 11, 2018
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