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Singular term to describe money that is "fresh to death". Most commonly used to describe Euros and Lithuanian Litas.

First used in Lithuania in the early 20th century, it has been connected to a colloquialism to describe people who have amassed great wealth. These patricians were known as "Golden Finger Kings"
"Sir, your surgery to reconnect your severed fingers will cost 1000 Golden Fingers"

"Yo, these bitches are bleeding my supply of Golden Fingers. Ain't a thirsty hoe here who don't want none of my fresh shit".

"20 Golden Fingers?!?!?... You'll be lucky to get 2"
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Bein able to finger the girl next to you at anytime, any occasion, and any circumstance. Then making her cum after a short period of time.
What More Could I Say About The Golden Finger?
by Ominous Da Don July 19, 2009
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One who uses their fingers during a sexual act to completly satisfy their partner!
Golden Fingers: When Buddy penetrated me with his fingers last night, I realized how Golden his Fingers really were.
by B.S.83703 November 30, 2008
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When a doctor has returned from the lavatory after urination and neglected to wash his hands, he proceeds to insert his finger into a patients anal cavity to commence a prostate examination. He then hums the theme tune to the similarly named James Bond film and sings the words 'Goldenfinger!' repeatedly.
Vargus: The doctor just gave me a goldenfinger!
John: Just think yourself lucky he didn't give you a goldenfist.
by Goldenfinger pro June 04, 2011
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the doctor stick his finger up a man's butthole to check his prostrate.
Hey Tom how did the doctor visit go?
It went okay because I didnt get the golden finger.
The doctor said he usual does check prostrate until your over 40
by Moonshiner007 August 11, 2006
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when you crumple your toilet paper and the layers arent right and you end up wiping your asshole with your finger. folding the toilet paper prevents this.
cmon...what more do you need?
by abbi mazz April 24, 2003
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In regards to male urinals, the result of pissing too close to the porceline urinal that you get pee on your hands and fingers. The "goldenfingers" is caused by the splash of the urine against the urinal.

This can also be attributed to peeing in a urinal that is too high in relation to the position of the person's crotch.
I chose the lower positioned urinal in order to avoid getting goldenfingers.

I wish they had a pee-trough rather than these urinals so I wouldn't always get goldenfingers.
by El Coolito December 03, 2009
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