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When you have one of those moments when you get mad, so you go monkey on it.
Phone call:

Person 1: Dude.. my hands are full
Person 2: You should go monkey on it.. ya know.. ya going monkey..

Person 1: OKAY!! -thumps, bashes and schreeching in background-
Person 2: What are you doing?
Person 1: You told me to go monkey on it! You can't be mad at me for doing what you told me.
Person 2: I ain't mad at cha..
by Black Ninja! September 26, 2011
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When a person (usually an African-American) begins acting out in a loud, obnoxious and unreasonable way towards others or worse, the police.
All the cop asked him for was his drivers license, then he starts going monkey on the cop and got arrested. or;
I told that black lady we were out of the stuff she wanted to buy, so she starts yelling and screaming at everyone in the store-she really went monkey there for a while.
by Fester2240 March 28, 2010
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