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When a female has sexual intercourse with multiple partners on the same day/night; often at the same time.
Susan was going live last night, she had sex with four dudes.
by Archie Leach October 13, 2011
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About to do something right that very moment...
The very minute you start to do an activity you've talked about, planned for or completed prior required steps for.
Jimmy "Gonna roll up a ting"
Caroline "Nigga you slow, Imma bout to go LIVE right now"

Caroline is going live; Jimmy is completing the prior required steps to go live.
by Princesa Obviouso February 18, 2017
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The announcement made by someone who decides to suddenly record themselves turning up on their social media account
Girl: I'm going live before we hit the club
Girl: Yesss bih go live
by CottonCandy08 May 09, 2016
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