Ranting or preaching to prove your point to someone else, with the chance that your point is invalid.
"George Washington wasn't even the first president. No one liked him. He was so stupid and ugly..."
"Bro, you're going off for no reason, and you're wrong dumbass"
by a______________a May 28, 2013
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Top Definition
Refers to the act of being out of control, normally this is acheived with the aid of alcohol or some form of illicit substance. Going off is normally measured in comparison to how many pills it would take for Stuey to reach your state of Going offness.
Barnes: Woah dude you were going off like stuey on 5 million eccys.
Dave: I am cunted
by Chronz August 08, 2004
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As in 'going off the scale'. Means very good indeed.
Rob was going off on the dance floor.

That car goes off.
by inflateable June 26, 2004
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adj. Firing. Awesome. Great. Huge.
(used in surf slang)
"The waves were Going O-F-F.
by skullcap January 13, 2004
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Nagging about something usually in yelling and in a ANGRY voice
Man he won't stop going off about the taxes
by Néssa April 21, 2015
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when any 2 or more people r fyad(fired) up and r arguing with eachother.
larena is going off on that 1 girl that stole her man!
by whitney O February 02, 2006
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Something that’s going extremely well.
I’m glad I woke up early for a surf because the surf was really going off this morning.
by Karixa December 21, 2015
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