A euphamism for Getting High, Fucking, or doing anything you would prefer not to tell people about.
Mom: Where are you going with her?
Enlightened Individual: Relax, mom, we're going hunting.

Friend 1: Where's my bong, man?
Friend 2: Oh, i must've forgotten to bring it back when i went hunting.
Friend 1: Retard.
by Byahhhhhh March 21, 2009
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A euphemistic suggestion used when people hope to get rid of somebody they can no longer tolerate.
Maybe we could all somehow inspire the President to go hunting with Cheney.
by Dr Bunnygirl January 13, 2019
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An expression of opposition to a proposed course of action. Something you'd rather not do, like getting shot in the face.
by B. Snooks June 15, 2010
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when theres a kid so big on your football team that u have to point that out to him.
Matulich, you're big enough to go bear hunting with a switch!!! now get angry!
by PeteMat February 7, 2009
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