To remove ones self from all social media outlets and otherwise make oneself unavailable for contacting. Typically done in order to be more productive.
John told me he's going dark because he has a paper due tomorrow.
by mtantalek November 30, 2010
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- verb (used with object), go dark, went dark, goes dark
- tri-syllabic: go/ing/dark

To disappear; to become suddenly unavailable or digitally out of reach for an undefined period of time. Often implies a creep hammer or other such suspect act is in progress.

1) Why you always going dark?

2) Phil: "What happened to you last night after that marathon dinner? You were real wet, I knew you would weasel out and go to bed!"
Patty: "Nah son, I went dark..."

3) You've been blue faced all day. Was your phone actually broken or did you just go dark?

4) You went dark from 10:30 to 1:30 last night and then showed up at Marquee like nothing happened. You were creeping, weren’t you?

5) Don’t tell me you didn’t go dark. You ducked my calls and bbms until after midnight.

6) Lester: "I’ll just go dark for a few hours and she’ll never know!"
Mortimer: "Word."
by E. Goldstein January 9, 2008
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'Going Dark:' term derived from CIA operative lingo adapted to the singles dating scene to indicate the moment in a newly acquainted relationship when one party suddenly & seemingly inexplicably ceases all forms of communication with the other party following a period of consistent communication. This phase is typically succeeded by the first inception of the most commonly referenced, ego-soothing rationalization, "what if he/she got hit by a bus?!"

The 'going dark' phase can be temporary or permanent, is highly variable in duration and is not gender-specific. It can be activated interchangeably by either partner throughout the courtship & may put the relationship at risk of tit-for-tat syndrome. Lesser evolved partners are more prone to this hazard.

Experts suggest the best way to avoid 'Going Dark' is to maintain a healthy frequency of contact that leads to live dates, or to notify the partner of your discontinued interest by putting on your big boy/girl pants, or by simply looking both ways before crossing the street as to avoid any and all buses & other moving vehicles
Things seemed to be going well with Jeff but now I think he's going dark, so who knows.
by BitingPearls July 22, 2014
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To be outside communication range, especially after hours.
When the response team in Europe go dark, your call will be automatically rerouted to Australasia.
by yabbadabba February 25, 2008
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To not be able to be reached by standard means of communication (i.e. phone / email / txt) for a several hour period.
Bro, what happened to you last weekend, I couldn't track you down. Don't go dark on me again.
by sftron January 9, 2008
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Ceasing communication, not able to contact
Jim is Going dark to get some work done
by November 4, 2020
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Using encryption software and devices to make messages unreadable. In some cases the software can make the data stored self-destruct when someone attempts to access information without a proper password.
The FBI is going after Apple in the courts, because Apple is making it's customers hardware and software difficult to access. The FBI wants a backdoor into Apple devices so terrorist and criminals can't be going dark, when performing illegal activities. Apple is fighting back because a backdoor could allow hackers into their customers computers, making them vulnerable.
by mlhiss March 14, 2016
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