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A town, usually associated with Pinardville, Dunbarton, and New Boston. Consisting of Hicks with large boots and kids with side parts and skinny jeans. Nothing to do but go 'downtown' and steal slushys and candy from cumberland farms and eat pizza from Viksters with the pot heads at the skate park. Maybe if your lucky someone will drive you to Mcdonalds
I'm going to Goffstown to hang at the skate park tonight.

Dude, that kids from Goffstown, he must skateboard.
by goffstownkidspwn February 19, 2009
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A small town outside of Manchester, New Hampshire. This town consists of several places of interest, that are actually 100% uninteresting. You can go to Cumberland Farms, or go to the local pizza place "Viksters". But the real treasure of Goffstown lies in the High School. GHS consists of several groups of people, but basically just 3 groups. Group on consists of people that drive TRUCKS, with huge TIRES. The next group consists largely of kids that wear skinny jeans, have long hair, and cut themselves for fun. Group 3 contains a large number of kids that smoke the weed. If you're saying to yourself, "I'm not in any of those groups.", Think again.
"Hey want to go to Goffstown and hang out at the skatepark?"

by GOFFSTOWN April 29, 2009
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a shitty ass town where you get aressted for having a little bit of weed and not everyones a fucking emo but there are alt of hicks and stoners
hey that kids from goffstown he must be emo
no not everyone from goffstowns a fuckin emo
by fabio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! January 05, 2012
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A genetic cesspool of a town in New Hampshire where the dominant social group is a bunch of whiggers who hang out at the skatepark and think they are cool for smoking the weed that they bought with their mom's money. There is only one alleyway in Goffstown, and if you walk down it, you will not be mugged.
by Inhabitant of Goffstown (NH) January 16, 2011
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The town i live in, in New Hampshire. And it is flooding. and people are getting evacuated.
OH NO it is flodding in Goffstown.
as in water is everywhere in Goffstown.
Goffstown is a boring Town.
by isavedave. May 15, 2006
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A bunch of inbreeds and a ton of whiggers mainly in pville where clamidia is in the air even the hoes are wanna be hoes
by Goffstown August 28, 2017
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