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An area of Goffstwon, NH that consists of a Cumberland Farms, a McDonalds, a Hannafords, a Pizza Market, a Dunkin' Donuts, about 4 auto shops, a dance studio, 2 Chinese restaurants, 3 Tanning Salons, and a college.
"In 1906 Edmond Pinard, a grocer by trade submitted a plan to develop his real-estate holdings
on the Manchester, Goffstown town line. This area known at the time as Pinards Ville has grown substantially since then." this is from, an actual website for people that want to visit Pinardville I guess, if those people exist.

Not too much is known about Pinardville cuz really it sucks.
Have you ever heard of Pinardville ?


Don't feel bad, no one has.
by G-TownSucksBroFoReal December 11, 2010
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