a title given to a few based and badass men.
look dude! Here comes God Emperors Trump, Putin and Farrage
by General Scumbag August 31, 2016
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A twelve foot tall badass from the 41st millennia intent on universal domination under the Imperial truth who rapes stars systems for his day job
Holy shit is that The God-Emperor of Mankind?
No, that's the sun.
by Loyal Imperial Citizen August 19, 2017
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A all powerful Nazi dictator of the United States of America. This person rules above all three branches of government.
Alex Jones was wrong. Eternal God Emperor Obama didn't take a third term, he created this office with a last minute executive order on 1/20/17.
by lolwut484793ue3j June 13, 2019
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Control freak Emperor from the dune series written by frank herbert. He is trying to save humanity by breeding new qualities into by using a brooding program
Lord Lecto the second God Emperor of Dune, is controlling humanity through the fish speakers, a female army.. (Males kept on raping people)
by JAH14 November 08, 2012
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