I'm going to suck your lips and lick your sweet cunt until your pretty little girl cock vibrates with pleasure.
by lickytongue April 30, 2008
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A card game in which a standard deck of 52 cards is dropped from shoulder height in between two players. The two players then scramble for the Kings (the "boy cocks") and the Queens (the "girl cocks). Scratching, biting, hitting, and trickery are allowed, even encouraged. The player who ends up with the most of the 8 possible wins that round.
How'd you get that black eye?

Oh, I played boy cock girl cock eieio for hours last night.
by Laura, Sarah, and Alex April 2, 2007
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A slutty chick that simply wants to get railed and doesn't expect you to provide her with any benefits other than your cock. She does not require dinner, a movie, or in most cases, anything other than for you to say "what's up?" Cock girls usually, but not always, have severe daddy issues and long to be dominated physically, with a cock.
"Damn bro, did you see that cock girl that Josh brought home last night?" "yeah, i thought he said he was tired of cock girls?"
by JiRC Squad December 12, 2011
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Girl who loves sucking guys cock she love to eat them like a sausage
Hey babe I want be your cock girl
by Sex vibe July 7, 2018
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