The penis of a pre-op transgender woman. Described as feminine because:
1. It's on a woman.
2. Feminizing hormones often change the anatomy and functionality of the penis. (eg. it doesn't get as hard, it doesn't really ejaculate, and it has a different mouthfeel)

The term was further popularized by the YouTuber ContraPoints who discusses the term in the video Tiffany Tumbles. This definition is almost taken almost verbatim from her video.
It's not gay for a guy love a trans woman, because she has a feminine penis.
by jellynessa August 21, 2020
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an extremely small appendage usually attached to the groin area of a male. often smells like a mixture of papaya and mango. can be used for mild stimulation, if any. when stimulated itself it secretes a liquid which is comparable to snuggle fabric softener. owner will usually cry after secretion and try to cuddle.
luis is not emo however his feminine penis is.
by sarahsparkles September 29, 2006
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Someone who has a penis and who identifies as a female.
Shelby is a female and has a penis, therefore she has a feminine penis.
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A penis with feminine characteristics, usually belongs to a trans woman, femboys, or traps

Doesn't necessarily has to be small, can be any size, horse cock long even, but for whatever reason are feminine. They smell good (like mangoes and yogurt), usually pinkish, looks soft and cute just like their owners, VERY sensitive, and are delicate. Wash with soap and warm water first.
"And please remember! It's not gay, if it's a feminine penis!"
- Big Man Tyrone
by 8we6oqd4wq November 18, 2021
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1. the male genitalia seen as looking feminine in its proportions, colour, carriage etc..
2. the penis of a 'modestly endowed', pre-operative male-to-female transsexual.
3. the arbitrary parameters dictating whether the male sex organ is thus (i.e., 'feminine').

The male genitalia has historically often been used as a primitive, superficial measure of masculinity among the strata of 'lower-educated' males of many societies. As such, a smaller or less 'masculine-looking' penis can sometimes be labelled "feminine" in appearance (i.e., femininity being considered the default weaker / lesser gender). In this sense, the description can be both an insult (e.g., for a "straight" and / or insecure male) and compliment (e.g., for a MTF transsexual girl).
"Donald Trump's tiny hands are a sure fire sign of a feminine penis!"
"That 'trap' has a really cute feminine penis.'
"Do you prefer your 'traps' well-endowed or with a more feminine penis?"
by Trolius Maximus March 2, 2017
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A term used by people who are afraid of being called gay, originating from a 4chan post claiming it's not gay to look at futa or trap porn since the dick obviously belongs to a girl, even if that's biologically impossible.
It's not gay aslong as she has a feminine penis
by Mocri March 10, 2017
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a thing of the male sex with a very feminine penis, almost vigina like
bro are you a feminine penis holder?


can I see
by suckmeballs May 17, 2022
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