A cross between a ghost and a goat
Look at that goast! It sure is scary and hairy...
by Goast February 24, 2003
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Goasting = goat + fisting, or goat fisting. The process whereby one powerfists a goat, and then carries it around on their arm for several days, flapping one's arms like a large bird, saying "baw, baw, baw" with eyes crossed is goasting.

Women can also be involved in the late stages as the goat falls off the arm, which can then be used to cunt punch.
Goasting: it's what's for dinner.
by Jacques Asse June 25, 2009
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to use sexual intercourse as a means of reviving the deceased.
Upon discovering his girlfriend's fresh corpse, Johnny knew that he must goast her if he ever wanted to speak to her again.

Despite common misconceptions, people trained to goast are not necessarily necrophiliacs, but simply consider it a reasonable means of aiding in reanimation.
by ThePowerOfHAT September 19, 2006
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A word used to call a goat-ghost hybrid.
"What is that thing?!"
"It's a goast."
by Forlegalreasonsimstraight October 28, 2020
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Goast is the Platinum Claw Family Handle
it stands for Greatest Of All S. T. The S. T. stands for different things depending on what you are doing.
This ain't no ordinary smoke. This is da goast. (Greatest of all smoke things).

That niggas voice is the bomb. He is the goast. (Greatest of ALL Singing Things)

That pussy is the goast. (greatest of all sexual things.)
by Lil Reazon Goast October 28, 2003
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Zombie Goasts are pests who reside in old houses to feed on the flesh of humens, but not rly becuz they are zombie goasts and they cant touch nothin' but they eat you anyway, HAHA!
Zombie Goasts, leave this place!
by ZimMan2 January 8, 2010
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