The act of when a girl has strong urges and proceeds to have sexual intercourse with any guy, any time, anywhere. Also known as a "Go Liver"
Joe: Man I really need to get laid tonight.
John: Well go talk to Jay, I heard she goes Live at Five.
Joe: Okay Kay Kay!
by Nonstop20 October 23, 2004
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Using the Qik application to record video on your phone, so that it will be played online as you are recording.
Trevor: Hey man, this is epic. We should totally go live right now.

Sean: Yeah dude, I just got my phone out. I'll be going live in about 30 seconds.
by Smferr September 15, 2010
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(noun) to ejaculate prematurely.
Girl 1: Hey how was that guy last night?
Girl 2: OMFG! So we were getting into it right? And all of a sudden he totally went live. Then it was over....
Girl 1: OOO.....Sorry dude, I hate when guys Go Live... So disappointing.

Girl 2: Yeah so is my unsatisfied vag....
by LushLover101 June 20, 2010
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When a female has sexual intercourse with multiple partners on the same day/night; often at the same time.
Susan was going live last night, she had sex with four dudes.
by Archie Leach October 13, 2011
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To put your ideas, products, services, information, or other content LIVE on the Internet.
Urban Dictionary went LIVE with their website.
Urban Dictionary has gone LIVE.
Urban Dictionary is LIVE.
I want to go live too.
by Sean Hogan June 9, 2007
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The act of video recording a sexual act.
EX 1)

guy 1: Man I had these twins over last night!
Guy 2: Did you go live?
guy 1: Yeah, and afterwords we put it on the bigscreen

EX 2) I just met this girl in the club and we finna go live
by Izzy AkA Chevy_Hybrid July 14, 2006
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About to do something right that very moment...
The very minute you start to do an activity you've talked about, planned for or completed prior required steps for.
Jimmy "Gonna roll up a ting"
Caroline "Nigga you slow, Imma bout to go LIVE right now"

Caroline is going live; Jimmy is completing the prior required steps to go live.
by Princesa Obviouso February 18, 2017
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