An annoying little (fictive) being that makes life especialy difficult for Croquet players as well as all life forms in general. The Gnatt is also very short tempered (see: hockey-temper) and can bite and claw any innocent passer-by to death. No gnatts have been properly documented, but they can resemble an angry lepricorn. Can also be used as a word for anything negative or as an insult.
Anything/Anyone small and annoying is a gnatt or simply just gnatt.
by The Tangoman September 17, 2004
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( Verb)Phrase meaning great or really good

Comes from the perception or idea of how tight a gnats ass would be if someone would be able to insert (blank) in it
by Un10nCarb1d4 May 7, 2009
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Gnatt an act usually done by teenagers

But without actually having sexual intercourse. Just very long kisssess etc
Bro we had Gnatt at the movies
by Your typical dilf August 16, 2022
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