Diamond Jewlery (usually jewlery with more then one diamond)

Term popularized by rappers such as Ghostface Killah, State Property, Johnny Justice, ect.
"Yo, did you see Peedi in the club looking fly with his glows on?"

This translates to...

"Did you see Peedi at the dance wearing his diamond jewlery?"
by crack cat May 26, 2009
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Slang for meth. So called because of the way a bulbie glows when youre smokin it.
Watch out for TJ... That dude's smokin glow again.
by ShaneWood July 26, 2012
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mesmerising content illuminated by a smart device.
She's so hooked on glow she would die if she lost her smartphone.
by BlatesFacePalm July 20, 2015
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a white rapper that is good at freestyling but i still perfer pac!
g-low rapped at the party a week ago
by Kate Beckinreed October 20, 2010
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I gotta wash that halter top I wore to the club last night--I glowed all over it!
by Mariela April 27, 2007
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