1) Someone who is always looking for praise and admiration.

2) Someone looking to join other people's celebrations as though they were part of the Team
When preparing food in the kitchen, Didier Piot always likes to add the finishing touch, and be seen doing so.....Glory Boy
by David Ryan @ Swan July 25, 2008
A football supporter who has jumped on the bandwagon of a currently successful club in order to bask in their reflected glory.

Particularly true of Manchester United supporters, due to the terrace chant,"Glory, glory, Man. United!" and the high proportion of its supporters with no real geographical, historical or familial allegiance to the club.
Manchester United and Liverpool supporters from London, the Home Counties and abroad are just glory boys
by PrinceQuince December 22, 2009
(n.) One who selfishly acts of his own accord in a team activity, used mostly in a sporting sense.
He's a good football player, but he ignores pleas to pass. He's such a glory boy.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 16, 2004
A member of Bravo Company who has perfected the art of sucking cock through a Glory Hole.
Did you see that glory boy deep throating? Yeah he is from B Co, what do you expect?
by Dadude October 10, 2019