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Tall person that is derpy, stupid, and uncoordinated.
That Tyler Peot kid is such a gloid
by jacemannnnnnn April 18, 2017
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A girl with "tricking" ways.

A female who acts as if she has no respect for herself, similar to a ho

A female who is plain and simple, easy.

Two types of gloids, a good gloid, or a bad gloid, a good gloid is an attractive gloid but still holds those traits listed above. Whereas a bad gloid is not attractive and still holds those negative characteristics listed above.
Example 1:

Person 1: Bruhh I went to the club last night and all the gloids were on my dick.

Person 2: Were they good gloids or bad?

Person 1: I like to switch up my game, i did a combination of both xD

Person 2: ... Smh

Example 2:

Person 1: I got some play last night bro.

Person 2: Lets be honest was she a gloid?

Person 1: Idk is your sister a gloid?

Person 2: .... Tried.
by Legitkid09 September 04, 2010
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An idiotic or imbecelic person. ie a moron.
I can't beleive Scott stays with that bitch; he's such a gloid.

Possible root: Mongoloid (Offensive) A person affected with Down syndrome.
by Lingus the Cunning August 24, 2006
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someone of below average intelligence, and or devoid of a clue about what they are doing at any given time.
'look at that gloid over their having a fight with a hedge'
by greenmachine September 02, 2006
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A fictional gland that resides within the anus of any chosen living creature.
(a) As if you really did? Gloid! (b) This gloid cut me up on the A40 (c) You gloid! (d) Chicken gloid, badger gloid, gloid of a budgie, budgie gloid etc.
by KingEricCantona April 24, 2009
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person who only has one testicle
my girlfriend was acting suspicious when i looked up her skirt and saw she was a gloid
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