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A girl with "tricking" ways.

A female who acts as if she has no respect for herself, similar to a ho

A female who is plain and simple, easy.

Two types of gloids, a good gloid, or a bad gloid, a good gloid is an attractive gloid but still holds those traits listed above. Whereas a bad gloid is not attractive and still holds those negative characteristics listed above.
Example 1:

Person 1: Bruhh I went to the club last night and all the gloids were on my dick.

Person 2: Were they good gloids or bad?

Person 1: I like to switch up my game, i did a combination of both xD

Person 2: ... Smh

Example 2:

Person 1: I got some play last night bro.

Person 2: Lets be honest was she a gloid?

Person 1: Idk is your sister a gloid?

Person 2: .... Tried.
by Legitkid09 September 04, 2010

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