-Carrying a gun
-Armed and dangerous
-A weapon
Kracker#1 Ay yo see that jungle bunny over there I bet he is glockin'

Albino Kracker#2 Dawg that nigga is armed and dangerous.

Kracker#1 Imma go fuck with him.. poke him with a stick.

Albino Kracker#2 Dawg you bout to get your head blown off your shoulders.

Kracker #1 No i wont you shit face.
(proceeds to poke the jungle bunny with a stick)


Albino Kracker#2 Told you so.. YA DEAD..
by fhgul June 22, 2011
the Glockinator is a weapon in TABG that's basically two Glocks put together akimbo style with a red dot in-between
Glockinator goes *A-10 WARTHOG NOISES*
by Never gonna give you up! February 16, 2021
Rapper - There's money to be made best believe a nigga glockin'.
by cubathunda December 2, 2009
Taking a gun and full sending it in your throat
Give me that GLocKinATE package😉
by Cumguzzlingwhorefag June 11, 2019