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An adjective that describes positively of something

Synonyms: Cool, great, fine, swell, sweet, sick, groovy
Antinyms: Boring, weak, sad, stupid, anoying
Climbing trees is a glibble experence.

That Lamborghini's doors are glibble

Her boobies are really glibble. I wander where she bought them.

Him- Come on! Let's go treasure hunting
Her- Oh glibble!
by DrParmesan August 18, 2009
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A female crotch itch.
The one you scoot around in your chair to try to get rid of.
In the middle of my presentation I got the most horrific glibble and i swear it was killing me. I nearly ran out of the conference room.
by Evee421 December 30, 2009
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a slimy substitute for kibble (a nutritious and timeless snack created by the cork and guiver meaty products co.) Glibble lacks the MEATY goodness of kibble and is often used in practical jokes
1: Would you care to try some of my meaty kibble?
2: I sure would!....OMG this isn't kibble, it's GLIBBLE!!!
2:ha-ha! but on a more serious note, this kibble has made me gassy...
by kibble? January 13, 2009
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