Kevin: Well... I`ve really never masturbated before...
Ellen: Come on! Give it a whirl!

Misunderstanding at it`s finest!!
Charming British phrase referring to when you try something out for the first time to see what happens. First Cousin to "suck it and see".
"I've never had sex with a midget before".
"Don't worry darlin', give it a whirl - it might grow on you!"
by Satandog March 14, 2006
To try something out, usually for the first time. To test if something works by using it. SImilar to "give it a spin"
Look at my fresh new car
You better give it a whirl give something a whirl
by Treesandarbres February 27, 2016
They give a whirl.
Jon gave this wine a whirl and she liked it.
by mirrorhills June 20, 2008