Not take to give:
If you truly would like to be happy with a woman/man you have to be willing to look past their physical attributes long enough to see them clearly as a person. If it's all in what you get as opposed to give in life your fucked!
You'll blame people for all their flaws to think your better and in the end what you may think your winning is only making you look loose what you may have wanted to feel in a relationship i.e. LOVE

Every relationship that works has the the way of give and take.
It takes an amount of give and take to have this.
For the record MOnEY has no bearing on what love really is. Trusting in your feelings for one another is important. then you feel compelled to be completely honest with that person and it becomes a good solid relationship.
Example 1: Massages! Very important.
2: Leave their past in the "PAST" Who they are with you is who they were not what they may want with you now.
3: Children, Cooking, cleaning, laundry and house duties are both of your responsabilities.
Give and Take:
Especially if you both work or go to college. That takes up mental energy. Relationships cannot be one sided.
4: Porn, yes I said it, Porn. it's fun to watch it with your partner. It brings about some laughter. Don't grab the German shizer video, or animal erotica on the first date. she'll run screaming;)
5: Again "touch" They way it feels when a man takes the time to wrap his hands around your waste and tell you he loves the way you play guitar, the way you kiss his cheek and he kisses your forehead, it's about your up beat personality means he looks not at you outward qualities and wouldn't cheat. If a guy tells you you have a rocken ass and a nice set. In 5 years don't expect them to stick around. Don't say I didn't warn ya either. He's/she's a cheater. Beware!
6: Let the person have enrichment i.e. video games, dirty mags, ect. It doesn't mean that man loves you or that woman loves you any less. It does not mean their are immature to like these things. Ask your self this. would you rather a person that is out being a fake and killing for a living or one that is just happy silly and content playing a few rounds . I choose the video nerd every time. Why? There smart, task oriented, imaginative, focused, and skilled at what they do. e.g not out shooting up or shooting up people or land to slave for the man that will wreck the mother nature.

Now J-bitch, I say, I said, go give that lady a massage ;)
by w/<3 Always K-Me May 16, 2010
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Used to give an estimate with a small uncertainty in either direction, usually associated with time or distances.
It'll take me 3 weeks, give or take a day or two.
The liquor store is a kilometer away, give or take a couple of hundred metres.
by Rhejinald October 23, 2009
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Usually happens in a jail. To give it up the ass and then take it up the ass. 2 guys usually would give and take in the jail while they are showering.
Pete: I'm gonna give and take you up the ass tonight.

Mike: As long as i get to give first.

Pete: Deal!
by Splancer April 8, 2006
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When a man (or woman), during the act of sexual intercourse, transmits herpes to their partner, and then afterwards takes their wallet.
Frank didn't know that the hooker pulled the old el segundo give and take on him until Suzi pointed out the herpes on his upper lip...and laughed when he realized he didn't have his wallet.
by Shomer Shabbas May 7, 2006
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A scenario when, commonly misidentified, heterosexual couple invite a male partner to a three way. The third party, unmindful male, merrily attends for the fair damsels dillhole, but as intercourse start, the ding-a-ling jerking husband must be bi... nope! that is bung munching gay, a real corn-hole randy hound drooling over the invited male. The guest male is upset that he did not foresee this possibility, and didn't ask ahead of time. The woman is a fit bombshell that hasn't been pleased since the last give n' taker months ago, and she was just desperate enough to agree for one of her husbands, hot wife bait, gay sex acts. The couple wrangled the third party male in the middle of them for his first give n' take.
The third party male is mounted from behind by surprise gay husband as shock settles chills on the give n' taker while he freaks host wife.

As the cajoling cum to an end, most give n' takers, then finally understand the full incident as gave n' took, what what in the butt!
by AlsyPouty April 13, 2014
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