When you take a shit so big, that people mistake it for a Giraffe's Neck.
Dad, my anus hurts, I just got finished squeezing out a giraffe neck.
by Aaron Sierpo March 24, 2007
a person with a abnormally long neck who looks like a giraffe
"Wow that girl kylie looks like a giraffe neck"
by badniqqabitch July 21, 2017
I’m so sore because that dude last night had a giraffe neck. That pussy got zoo booked.
Let me see what that giraffe neck do.
by Pterodactyl’D June 6, 2020
The art of inserting your entire arm in a womans' vagina.
A: Bro, I totally giraffe necked that chick, Maddie!

B: ...Did she die?

A: Yeah... but it was totally worth it!
by ladiesman69 ;) January 25, 2011
A girl who perform oral sex to a long af penis with ease
You: Yo me and my girl finally got to Third Base
Your Friend: Yo you serious bro
You: Yo guess what .... She giraffe neck me bro
Your Friend: Yo you joking
You: From the tip all the way to my nuts man
by BlueJay Slade November 14, 2017
A turd peppered with sweetcorn kernels
After last night's corn-on-the-cob, it's no surprise that I just layed down a giraffe's neck. What's more, it smelled like the Savanna too.
by koyn November 29, 2006
To botch or bungle. An exclamation of frustration.
Oh giraffe-neck! I just dropped my shampoo bottle on my foot. It really hurt.
by Jay-Tizzle August 15, 2006