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Giovana's tend to usually be quiet and shy. But once you get close to them, theyre loud and crazy. They tend to worry about all of their problems in life, trying to find a way to deal with them, or creating habits to ignore them. No one truly understands a Giovana unless theyre extremely close. When shes not with anyone, doing anything, she tends to frown. Her eyes will look sad and she will look tired. They're usually beautiful, and short. They dont really like talking. They prefer to think and let the world wonder why shes so quiet yet so full of life.

Bipolar. A Giovana can go from happy and bouncy, to ragging with madness, to very upset, to confused about her desicions. They're a child at heart. If its acting childish and annoying, to literally like a child.

Giovana's are unique. They'll suprise you with how much love and hurt they have combined inside of them. But mostly, they'll suprise you with how much love they have to offer. Theyre sad eyes and tired looking faces wont stop them from trying to be happy.
giovana is so unique, and different. Its Amazing.
by melissamendeZ01 January 19, 2015
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A very young and beautiful girl who's usually very shy, but sweet and loving. Tends to be relatively short and have some kind of Spanish background. Probably one of the most amazing girls you will ever meet.
"Damn yo, did you see that cute girl at the mall yesterday?"

"nah man, why?"

"She was a real *Giovana*"
by Danny425425 April 07, 2008
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