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always turns out to be the unofficial, appointed leader of a group
giorgio gang lord, dictator, hard ass boss at work, mafioso boss, cult leader, ring leader, the chair, head of the ceo, the president
by stokezzz November 07, 2010
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A little gorgeous fucking being who will love the shit out of you if you’re nice to him. He loves memes and all that cute shit n yea
Someone: “sooo Giorgio’s your boyfriend now.....?”

Other person: yesssss he’s such a lovely person, he loves me with all his heart lmaooo

Someone: nice loll
by A nice looking female June 13, 2018
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Giorgio is an absolute jet. He is a jet cause he is kind, nice, positive and always looking pretty hot. Giorgio is one where no-other is as good as he is. He is one of a kind. Everyone should have a Giorgio in your life or you are basic.
Giorgio and I are such good mates, what a jet
by giorgio4 June 20, 2018
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some kind of meme loving fuck who would jack off to your corpse
"you got an STD?"

"yeah I caught Giorgio of your mum"
by joemobbslolz April 30, 2016
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One of the most depressed kids out there but always finds someone who plays him but there is that one person
Giorgio hates everyone, Giorgio hates getting played, Giorgio is loyal
by Jajjsjs May 07, 2018
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