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by Trogdor June 3, 2003
Insult. Noun. To be used vs. males, and in ultra rare ocassions vs. manly women. For insults vs. women please see coose

The end all insult to basically defacate on a man's pride, manhood, and sense of self-worth. To be used in extreme cases when dickhead, asshole, and other common insults will not serve this particular person any humility or justice.
Gee whiz Justin, isn't Nate being a giner tonight.

Steph:Oh man, it's cold in here.
Rob:Oh, don't be a giner.
by Dedalus October 20, 2004
Vagina. May be used as the word Vagina would be used such as the actual females vagina or an insuly concerning someone being a loser.
"my GINER itches"
"Dude you suck, you are such-a GINER"
Slang. Derived from the word vagina; used to belittle a males manhood.
See also: Pussy

Use as a noun
Wes, stop being such a giner and come out with the boys.
by Craig Nunley February 22, 2003
An abbreviated form of Vagina. Usually used by men to emasculate other men.
Wipe your giner.

What's the matter? Giner hurt?

Is your giner bleeding dood?
by Mark February 24, 2005