"Gimme some"

Notion created to display respect, congratulations, or props to one's fellow man. This act is done by one person pinching all their fingers together and motioning the wrist in an up and down motion with their fingertips pointing upward, while the other conducting a similar motion on the opposite direction. After this process is repeated a few times, several unique variations are done including but not limited to, "giving some" under the leg, with both hands, giving some into one another's mouths (not to be taken in the negative "dirty" connotation), among others. This display of respect has branched from earlier rituals including, giving a fellow man "mad props" and has traces even as far back as the "high-five." However it's exact origin as well as date of discover is still disputed to this day.
Guy #1: I just got some serious poonany.
Guy #2: Word?
Guy #1: Word, son.
Guy #2: Gimme Some!
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Said by a guy to a woman, 'some' referring to loving or specifically to pussy. Spoken emphasis is everything, the emphasis being on 'some', not 'gimme'. This expression goes back at least to the early Fifties, which was when I first heard it.

Some of the gestures described in two other definitions of this phrase can also be interpreted as sexual.
Oh, baby, you lookin' hot tonight. Gimme some!
by CyberCrone April 23, 2013
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1. Expression used by people as a shortened version of "gimme some love". This is then strictly followed by a motion of one person's hand sprinkling imaginary powder (most likely crack) downwards and the other person's hands sprinkling upwards.
1. Me: "Hell yeah! Herpes are gone, baby! Gimme some"

*sprinkle hand motion*
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Gimme some sugar is a term used to ask for a kiss, where the girl is hot and the kiss is sweet.
by Marmite101 August 18, 2009
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Originating in the bay area (menlo park), it is a statement similar to 'gimme some skin', like a handshake or high five, giving chicken can be used as a friendly hello or after something great has happened. Instead of a normal high five, the person who you extend your palm towards puts all of his finger tips together and pecks your hand like a chicken eating food.
You: Dude i haven't seen you in weeks...Gimme some chicken!
Bob: Aight! *peck peck peck*

Bob: Dude I just hooked up with like 3 chicks
You: Gimme some chicken!
by Kcin Nikmal June 29, 2009
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Bro 1: Wallahi fam is mans tryna gimme some skin

Bro 2: Sure fam

*high fives*
by shortfusd August 1, 2023
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