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A dramedy on the WB about a mother and daughter who are bestfriends.

Lorelai had Rory when she was 16, she moved away from her parents and raised her all by herself until Rory got accepted to a prestigous prep school and had to ask her parents for the tution money. They made a deal that both her and Rory would attentd Friday night Dinner in exchange for the tution money.

This show has a quick pace and you gotta listen carefully or you'll miss about 27 pop culture references made in each conversation Lorelai & Rory have.
LORELAI: Oh, hi. You really like my table don't you?
JOEY: I was just, uh --
LORELAI: Getting to know my daughter.
JOEY: Your --
RORY: Are you my new daddy?
JOEY: Wow. You do not look old enough to have a daughter. No, I mean it. And you do not look like a daughter.
LORELAI: That's possibly very sweet of you Joey. Thanks.
JOEY: So...daughter. You know, I am traveling with a friend.
LORELAI: She's sixteen.
JOEY: Bye.
by Rory&Logan=Hot November 09, 2004
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"Special? Like eat the paste special?"


I have fulfilled my whacking quoata for the week.
by ahhhhh March 18, 2005
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Reverend: The church is exempt from your town statutes, Taylor.
Rabbi: We answer to a higher authority... like the hot dog.
Reverend: I laugh every time you say that.
Rabbi: I know. Funny is funny.
Taylor: Well, I can guarantee that God does not want this either.
Reverend: Did you hear that, David? Taylor Doose is in direct communication with God.
Rabbi: Thirty years I'm working for God, I haven't received so much as a card.
Reverend: Is it by phone that you speak with him, Taylor?
Rabbi: Do you have a God phone, Taylor?
Taylor: Rabbi, please.
Reverend: What's he like? For us common folk who've never met him?
Rabbi: Is he short, is he tall?
Reverend: Does he like to laugh?
Rabbi: Is the whole shellfish thing really serious? Because, I gotta tell you, some of those Red Lobster commercials look pretty good...
by VespaGirl January 25, 2005
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Best show on earth.

Setting: Stars Hollow Connecticut, US
Characters: Lorelai Victoria Gilmore, Lorelai "Rory" Lee Gilmore, Emily Gilmore, Richard Gilmore, Luke Danes, Sookie Bellville nee St. James, Jackson Bellville Christopher Hayden, Dean Forrestor, Lane Kim, Mrs. Kim Logan Huntsberger, Jess Mariano, Michel Gerrard, Max Medina, Jason Stiles, Taylor Doose, Paris Gellar, Babette, Maury, Miss Patty etc...

Plot: The lives of the two main characters, Lorelai and Rory gilmore. Lorelai had Rory when she was 16 years old, and she moved the two of them away from her parents, Emily and Richard's, home soon after. She made her way to Stars Hollow and came to the Independence Inn, Where she met Mia, who took her in and helped take care of her. The show starts off while Rory is in here sophmore year of highschool, when she transfers to Chilton Prep school, in hopes of getting into Harvard. Lorelai must borrow money from her extremely rich parents, to pay for her to go to Chilton. This show is based on love, compassion, hatred, angst, and much more.

Currently well into season 6, Rory and Lorelai's adventures are still going strong.

This is the best show on the planet, and i urge everyone who reads this to watch it.
Gilmore girls quote:
Emily: You were on the phone?
Richard: Long distance.
Lorelai: God?
Richard: London.
Lorelai: God lives in London?
Richard: My mother lives in London.
Lorelai: Your mother is God?
Richard: Lorelai...
Lorelai: So, God *is* a woman.
Richard: Lorelai.
Lorelai: *And* a relative. That's so cool. I'm gonna totally ask for favors.
Richard: Make her stop.
Rory: Oh, that I could.
by aalikane April 08, 2006
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The best show in thw world. If you like sarcasam and witt it is for you.
This room would make liberache say " step back nobody is THAT gay"~Infamous gilmore girls line
by Tres C. October 28, 2006
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The best freakin show in the world.
Shown in many countries all over the world, translated into the local language. Unfortunatly it is currently NOT showing in Ireland, because RTE will not show it because they are too stingy

Lorelai: What are you doing?
Luke: Will you just stand still
(he kisses her, then stands back looking at her.She steps forward)
Luke: What are you doing?
Lorelai: Will you just stand still
(She kisses him, awwwww)
by Louise McCormack November 17, 2005
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