republican women believe that any threat to roe vs wade is just a scare tactic used by Democrats but whose complacency will lead to its ultimate desmise
Oh look at the brainwashed Gileads and their wonderful expensive handbags.
by Wtf2018 July 20, 2018
1 Causing awkwardness or anxiety, cringe worthy
When I was a teen, I was so gilead.
by SuitablyObscure February 8, 2021
Mount Gilead is a small town all hillbillies, and redneck folk, where you see many strange things, and you know everyone no matter where you go. Your almost guaranteed to see Billy on his lawn mower at the gas station buying his case of beer, George in the same outfit he wore last tuesday, and all the Mount Gilead Sluts will be seen at the pharmacy getting their prescriptions filled.
Secret? There's no secrets in Mount Gilead Ohio knows everyone's business!
by Kasasa January 27, 2017