sophomore that is known for asking out teachers...
has many "issues"
sucks at math
built a cat like orange thing out of paper mache that he calls "dequarioush-destroyer of realms and scoushes"
person 1: i heard gibby asked out mrs nehls again
person 2: suprise, suprise
by bigthumper9ine6ixty December 18, 2017
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Gibbies are like hypies. You know.. when you are really, really hyper or excited? I guess the single form of "gibbies" is "gibby." If you got a high score on a video game or something.. and you were kind of expecting it, and you - with out emotion - are like, "YES." ....thats a gibby. But if you HAVE the gibbies usually you have more than one. :) I'VE GOT THE GIBBIES RIGHT NOW!
person 1 - OH SHIT! I can't focus!!!
person 2 - why?
by k dizzog haha lame April 03, 2006
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Short term slang for Gibbonsdown; the roughest area in Barry, Wales.
1: “That dude grew up in Gibby, I wouldn’t fight him if I were you”
2: “True, he’ll probably pull out a shank and murder me…”
by anonymous9261 March 01, 2018
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A Gibby is a chubby rich boy that hates peasants. He only wears Gucci, Lv, Supreme and other high end designer brands. He makes fun of the less fortunate.
Person 1 : “Hey do you know Gibby”
Person 2 : “Yeah he’s rich as hell and is very arrogant.”
by Urbanbihhhh August 08, 2018
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