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An unofficial title for an in-house editor, who may be as good as, if not better than, the author—however, without the "uneditable" manuscript, she will be jobless.
Ghostwriters think they are better than their authors, and authors think they are also better their editors-turned-ghostwriters—both are deluding themselves.
by MathPlus September 22, 2016
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When the Holy Spirit is your ghost who fills you not only with the "right" wisdom to overcome any writer's block, but also enable you to write things that you wouldn't normally be able to do on your own.
Instead of praying that your editor would be gracious enough to ghostwrite for you, it's wiser to depend on the Ghost-Writer instead to do the "write thing"—He's available 24/7/365 and it's free.
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by MathPlus September 23, 2016
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somebody who writes lyrics secretly for another person and they get payed to do it
1)Nas ghostwrites for FoxyBrown
by Lip November 06, 2003
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When a rapper has someone write their lyrics for them, but they take the credit and record them.
If it weren't for a ghost writer, Foxy Brown and Lil' Kim would never even be taken seriously.
by Pomegranate July 04, 2006
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One who writes the lyrics to a rap song and then someone else performs them. Often it is the better of the two rappers writing the song but not wanting the fame.
John writes the lyrics to his song
by Dikembe Mutumbo March 11, 2005
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A famous song by the rapper Mad Skillz (now renamed Skillz). In that song, he says he had written lyrics for many "artists"
(such as P. Diddy, Jermaine Dupri, Will Smith, Mase etc.) as a ghostwriter and never get paid for his writing talents ! The song have the names censored, but in a live show Skillz reveals the names of motherf*ckers who don't gave the cash to the real author of "their" rhymes.
I'm a ghostwriter, im the cat that you dont see / I write hits for rappers you like and charge 'em a fee
by Ty McIntyre September 29, 2006
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The literary equivalent of the fat old guys who sang on the Milli Vanilli records. In other words, a writer who writes under someone else's name with their consent. The so-called author gets his or her name printed on the cover and receives credit for the writing while the ghostwriter does the actual work.

Celebrity and politician autobiographies are usually ghostwritten, due to the "author" having no writing talent whatsoever. What, you think Jenna Jameson and Hillary Clinton actually wrote their books?

Ghostwriters are also disturbingly common in fiction, not that anyone gives a rat's ass that Tom Clancy doesn't actually write his crappy novels.
Even if you think Harry Potter sucks, the author at least deserves credit for actually writing the books instead of hiring a ghostwriter.
by ToiletDuck August 19, 2005
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