It's a cowardly way of ending a relationship with another person, avoiding all contact, text messages, phone calls. Most likely the person does not have social and communication skills to let the other party know their true feelings. If you've been ghosted, its probably a good idea that they are no longer in your life because they lack the skills of a healthy relationship.
I've been ghosted, I haven't heard from her in over a week.
by Peacekeeper777 September 22, 2017
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When your so-called boo or close friend, or maybe even someone you just met, starts to ignore you. Maybe you'll text good morning, and then suddenly he/she reads it and leaves you on Read. You really suck if someone ghosted you.

Girl: Hey boo
Girl: Bae?
Girl: Are you ignoring me now Jason?
*Jason's thoughts* Yes mothafucka I'm ignoring you, you pathetic slut. Get ghosted bitch
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by The akfdkwdaYURyourmomsdickAHA November 01, 2018
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When a person (male or female) leads on another person into thinking they're interested in them. After leading on this individual they "ghost" them and disappear. This is usually indicated from no responses through text, phone call or email. Ghosting is performed by selfish people and ones who don't believe in karma. Because what goes around, most certainly comes around.
Dave: Yo what happened to Jess?
Fil: idk man, she won't hit me back up
Dave: man she ghosted you
Fil: truuuuu
by cymekkkkk April 21, 2016
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Just randomly dropping all communication with someone with no notice given
He just ghosted you friend, dropped you like a hot pocket, sorry.
by meowmewcatz November 02, 2017
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When you decide you don't want anything to do with someone any longer. You end communication with that person. You change your phone number, block them on all social media, & you continue living your life as though they never existed and you dont know them anymore.
" You know what im done dealing with you and your games! You have just been ghosted!"
by 55555TammaraElizabeth55555 April 04, 2017
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When your having sex and your partner slowly pulls out of you and away. And then vanishes.
Taylor was ghosted when Chris pulled out and finished himself in the next room.
by Ppppppapahsbkswiw May 02, 2018
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gho·sted (verb, intransitive)
Similar to bail, flake, ditch, or escape

1) To show up or make an appearance, but then leave suddenly and/or hastily without notice.

Similar to a 'flake,' but differs in that the person almost follows though only to ditch/bail shortly after. Generally associated with unreliable persons.

2) To leave hastily, generally without notice.
"Sorry I ghosted on you last night. I just didn't feel like being sociable."
"Dude, what happened to you yesterday? You totally ghosted out."
by billy santa December 29, 2005
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