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When a person (male or female) leads on another person into thinking they're interested in them. After leading on this individual they "ghost" them and disappear. This is usually indicated from no responses through text, phone call or email. Ghosting is performed by selfish people and ones who don't believe in karma. Because what goes around, most certainly comes around.
Dave: Yo what happened to Jess?
Fil: idk man, she won't hit me back up
Dave: man she ghosted you
Fil: truuuuu
by cymekkkkk January 11, 2016
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Name for a person who is one of the most amazing people to walk the face of this earth. A bogdanski is a also a person who is very sweet, kind, cute, funny, sexy, honest, loving, short, and caring. Most bogdanski's have met that special man in their lives that will do anything and everything to be with them and to protect them.
Chris: man i love my bogdanski, shes my number 1 girl for life
Artur: damn son, she seems to be pretty amazing
Chris: the most amazing
by cymekkkkk January 10, 2011
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A cymek is a person who is very loving and has a big heart. Its a word to describe someone who loves his girl very much and is in love with one special girl. Its a word that is meant to be used only for the most amazing men. A guy who can always make you laugh, even at the worst of times. He's an extremely sexy person, even though he denies it. He is also smart, and denies that too.
jeff: its cymek
bob: yea i know, i heard he loves his girl jessica more then anything
by cymekkkkk January 10, 2011
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