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A woman who only dates the biggest piece of shit bums from the shittiest possible neighborhoods with the most possible baby mommas and longest possible criminal record, typically letting him sponge off her while he openly sells nickel bags of the poorest quality drugs out of her home.

Or it’s a guy who’s a hopeless romantic and tries turning a hoodrat into a housewife, and is completely oblivious to her whorish behavior when he isn’t around.
The thing that both types of ghettophiles have in common, they’re just being used by the other for the sexual and/or financial gain. And when the ghettophile has nothing left to give them, they’re gone faster than a plate of bacon in front of a starving cannibalistic pig.
by A WHITE GUY January 17, 2019
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a person who is completely infatuated and/or obsessed with urban or gang-related culture to the point of absurdity. Specifically, one who would otherwise have no rational ties to the "ghetto" culture.
"I can't believe how much Ricky has changed since high school."

"Yeah, man. He used to be such a ghettophile. I wouldn't have been such a big deal, but he lived in the biggest house on our street."
by The Wilhelm Scream December 03, 2014
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A Ghettophile is a ghetto pedophile who is often seen on the streets flexing thinking he can get those racks up. Since Ghettophiles are so ghetto they just steal skateboards to go skeet down the street. If you see a Ghettophile you’ll be okay since they can’t afford a basement to drag you into.
Yo what’s that over there?”
Oh that’s just a Ghettophile”
by Angie did it December 11, 2018
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