Venetian slang meaning litterally "I ejaculate on it", that's an expression of anger or surprise. Expression of very common use.
Ghesboro ti ga visto che ubriaco queo eà?
by Marion1234 May 24, 2017
1. Tipical venitian sentence used to express anger or surprise. It's used by people of all ages: young, adults and old, especially men.
2. It can also be used to recall the attention of the people you are talking to.

3. It literally means "I jizz on (something)" but the "something" isn't specified and usually it depends on the context.
Ghesboro, ti te me ga roto o cojoni, se no the ghe a mói te verxo come 'na canócia.
What the hell man? You pissed me off, if you don't stop I'll beat you bloody.

Ghesboro, a macchina se ga spaccà!
Fuck, my car broke!

Ghesboro fioi, sté 'tenti n'attimo
C'mon guys, listen to me

Ghesboro sora I to problemi, non me me frega un casso
Fuck your problems, I don't give a shit about them
by AleRedondo November 11, 2017
Ghesboro is a esclamation commonly used in the italian Veneto region. it means i cum over it. You hear this word when someone is raging over something.
A: Ti gà finio ea bira?
B: Si, perchè?
A: Ghesboro a gèra mia dio bueo!
by Fieros February 19, 2017